About Us

Significant added value can be provided to operators and service companies by utilising independent service providers.

Our group of companies offer their customers operating solutions that improve the efficiency of their businesses by maximising the utilisation of their assets and inventories, whilst maintaining or improving the integrity of these operations.

This is our story so far:


Broad Cairn was formed as a vehicle to acquire a general waste management business. Through this we became the owner of a service company offering waste management solutions to industry.


Broad Cairn exit waste management business.
QTEC International acquired.


Broad Cairn Services Ltd becomes shareholder and consortium partner in Peterhead Decommissioning Ltd (PDL).
Our acquisition of CairnToul Well Equipment Services is completed.


US division of QTEC International, QTEC Environmental Services Inc, is established.
Scomi Oiltools machine shop in Aberdeen is purchased and rebranded Kerloch Oil Tools.


Sale of CairnToul Well Equipment Services is completed.